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The PRS2 is an aftermarket ECU management unit.

Wiring Diagram[]

RD1 and RD2[]

A ton of help came from Dave (Dmdicks on NewTib and here) in making this as he is the original user for the Beta II. He is running the PRS2 that has less outputs than the PRS4, which required him to run "batch" firing. So that is how this is set up, although there is nothing wrong with that.

If you want to run sequential, then just separate the injector and coil wires into the extra output options. All the wires are just spliced in, except for the ones in red, which must be completely cut to relinquish control of the bastard OEM ECU from the depths of hell in which all turbo tuning evils originate.......... *takes deep breath* The others can be left connected so that the RPM, speedo, etc still works.

There are only 17 wires to splice into and with this diagram, it should only take you an hour or so to find them. I bet you didn't think it would be this easy huh?

As for the tuning and base startup map, hang tight while we figure that out.
The RD Wiring Charts

The PRS4 and PRS2 Wiring Chart For RDs.

Note: A big thanks goes out to JonGTR over at for the wiring diagram and guide.