Hyundai Wiki

Hyundaipedia is a wiki for the Hyundai world. Simply put, it is a community effort to database the information we have all learned over the years.


There are lots of goals for this website, we have tried to put them into a simple list for people to read and understand.

  • Provide a database of information for the general community.
    • Descriptions of parts
    • How stuff works
    • Parts numbers
    • Pictures
  • Provide descriptions and information on aftermarket parts.
    • Listing of parts
    • Who makes what parts
    • Reviews of the parts
  • Provide one location for Guides.
    • A stable site for the guide pictures
    • One location for the guides, so they are not scattered all over the web.
    • Community maintained. (So they are not left out of date if the orginial author leaves the Hyundai community.)

Site Information


  • July 2006 - Site Launched.
  • August 10, 2006 - Joined the Wikia Network