The Hi-Scan Pro ("Hyundai Intelligent Scanner") was the official Hyundai diagnostic scan tool until it was replaced by the GDS ("Global Diagnostic System"). It was developed and produced by Nex-Tech, Inc. , and is closely related to their non-OEM "Carman Scan I" device.


Apart from the usual diagnostic routines offered by standard OBD scanners (reading and clearing of trouble codes), Hi-Scan offers advanced diagnostic functions:

  • Actuator tests
  • Live data retrieval
  • Support for secondary systems (airbag, ABS, etc.)
  • Support for pre-standardization models (before 1996-1998)
  • Reflashing of ECU software

It also features a built-in digital oscilloscope and multimeter.

Especially for older Hyundai vehicles, Hi-Scan is often the only way to perform any meaningful diagnostic routines, and is therefore a device much sought-after by Hyundai enthusiasts.


A shareware software emulator exists that allows Hi-Scan Pro software to run on a regular PC attached to a vehicle by a cheap interface. (Cascade ). It does not support the analog functions (scope), however.

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