Hyundai Wiki

Creating a Do It Yourself Guide is very easy, with only a few simple steps required to do it.


  1. Use the create article box at the bottom of the article to create a new page for the guide.
  2. Use the editing article for instructions and reference on wikiformatting. Wiki's have wikitext so that you do not have to learn html, even though they still support the usage of html articles.
  3. When you are completed with the guide, please go to guides and add it to the proper categories.
    Example: [[The name of the guide name here | What you want people to see the link as goes here]]


There are several policies that need be followed for all of the guides that are created. Please make sure that the guide you are creating meets the following policies.

  1. Must be listed in DIY
  2. Must be listed in at least two Special:Categories. One of them must be have [[Category:Guides]]. The other categories should indicate what type of car(s) the guide is targeted for.
  3. Must indicate in the title of the page what type of cars/years the guide is targeted for.
  4. All images must be uploaded to Hyundaipedia, so that we do not have any disappearing images, or bandwidth limits.
  5. Guides need to be presented in a clear and organized manner in which the major of people can read and understand without to much confusion.
  6. Try to use the wiki' strength and use interwiki links. Linking to other pages in the wiki makes it easy for people to find out what you are discussing. Tools and refrences to other guides are just two examples.