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This is a DIY on mounting your new double din radio into the stock hyundai double din slot. I followed guidance from other members, which told me to shave off a little at a time. it's pretty easy if you know what to expect.


  • Pliers
  • Dremel with sanding/routing/grinding bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Corona w/Lime
  • Project time - 2 hours


Mounting HW[]

Double din install mounting hw.jpg

The plates on the side of the stereo to hold it in place need to be modified SLIGHTLY to work. There's a pin Hyundia put on there to keep it in place. it is not a standard feature on most stereos. It will stop you from putting in your screws. You need to use pliers to bend it flat. Just grab on with a pair of pliers and squeeze it. The screws will hold it in place just fine on your new deck

DIN surround[]

Ok, basically Hyundai came up with their own proprietary version of a double din surround for our vehicals. The ends are too round. To install a double din stereo you need to chop the corners of the stereo surround square. I used a dremmel. The entire din mount is somewhat rounded. You should make your cuts about 1" by 1" square corners.

  1. mark the area to be removed
  2. dremel- grind out a large chunk of it with a wheel attachment
  3. dremel- route out smaller areas
  4. dremel- sand smooth
Double din install surround.jpg

Theres alot of rumors that say it's not wide enough or not tall enough. it's perfect, just with rounded edges. Chop them off like in the picture and you'll be fine using your new double din radio with the old mounting hardware

Trim Ring[]

The edges of the stereo surround poke out and do not allow for a trim ring to be instaled. Our member fonseca had luck with sanding the edges of his trim ring down and glueing it in place. If you need more help with the trim, fonseca suggests that you can look at this guy's work.

Double din install final.jpg

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