The stock Tiburon weighs about 2633lbs. Reducing weight contributes to lower 60? times and less strain on the drivetrain. To reduce weight in your Tiburon, you can follow these steps. They are only suggestions and some are NOT legal on public roads and may NOT be safe. Use your own judgment when following these steps. Some are only for the weekend/track car. They are not in any particular order.

Mod - Weight (Stock) / aftrmkt weight (brand)

Free Mods:

Mods that require purchase:

  • Replace stock wheels with lightweight aftermarket - 18lbs (stock)
  • Replace windows with lexan
  • Use carbon fiber body panels:
    • Hood 40lbs (Stock)
  • Replace stock motor parts with lightweight parts:
    • Crank Pulley - 3lbs, 15.4oz (Stock) / 9.8oz (OBX) / 13.6oz (JSpeed)
    • PS Pulley - 9.2oz (Stock) / 5.0oz (OBX) / 5.6oz (JSpeed)
    • Water Pulley - 1lb, .8oz (Stock) / 9.6oz (OBX) / 1lb, .8oz (JSpeed)

NOTE: weight on Jspeep water pump pulley includes the beta2 sub pulley in it, stock weight shown does not

    • Adj. Timing Gear - 16oz (Stock) / 14.4oz (OBX)
  • Replace stock battery with a lightweight battery
  • Replace dash with carbon fiber
  • Remove stock gas tank and install fuel cell
  • Cut out spare tire well and weld in lightweight floor to replace it
  • Replace Driver Seat - 42lbs / 13.7lbs (Sparco EVO)
  • Replace steering wheel with aftermarket unit
  • Replace the rotors and calipers with lightweight options
  • Run short exhaust system
  • Lighter radiator
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